Touch-Ups© give you the added confidence you need by giving you the “it” factor necessary to edge out the competition! These sessions target the 9 tenths that are attributed to artistry and overall footwork, posture, and flexibility that separate the good scores from the great scores.

Precision Choreography LLC Is The Originator Of “Touch-Ups©!”

With our Traditional Touch-Ups©, you get an hour and a half, one-on-one with a Precision Professional, who will fine-tune your choreography to maximize scoring and artistic quality. Upon request, we will also work with your dance elements (leaps, jumps & turns) to improve height, dynamics, and form. You will even receive videos to ensure you remember all of the details of your session to take back to the gym!

Artistry Training with Touch-Up©

Start your session with 30 minutes of our one-of-a-kind Artistry Training followed by 60 minutes of a Touch-Up©. These sessions give gymnasts the tools to discover their inner artist via creative movement exercises. Athletes are then able to incorporate what they’ve learned into an extremely effective Touch-Up© session, transforming their routines into works of art.

Peak Season Touch-Ups©

Peak season Touch-Ups© help you get back those pesky tenths and half tenths that separate a Champion from a Runner-Up, a National Qualifier from an Alternate.

Let’s face it, with State, Regionals, and Nationals coming up, separating the "Greats" from the
"Greatests" comes down to the details. Add to that the increasingly high caliber of gymnastics happening around the country, and it’s obvious… That "It" factor is crucial to your ability to stand out.


Video Feedback (2 ways)

Our unique video feedback service is called My Gym Judge. Submit a video of your routine to and meet with a judge over Zoom to receive detailed feedback as well as tips on improving your scoring potential. Feedback is $59 for 1 event or $49/event for multiple events.

Looking for feedback for your choreography only? Meet with a World-Class choreographer over Zoom to receive artistry tips on floor and/or beam. Feedback sessions are $49/session.


Adding a tumbling pass? Changing the order of skills? Outgrowing old choreography but not ready for a brand new routine? Reworks will make the necessary adjustments to help you SHINE. Same rates and session structure as Touch-Ups©.

VIRTUAL TOUCH-UPS© Experience the benefits of working with a World-Class Choreographer at your convenience. These 1-hour sessions are done via SKYPE or FaceTime and focus on targeting the 0.9 of non-value part deductions stemming from posture, flexibility, footwork, and artistry.