Precision Choreography

Our mission is to raise the level of excellence in gymnastics via artistic, philosophical, and technical routes. Check out our services, learn about our World-Class Professionals, and submit a request for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Choreographed Warm-Ups

This warm-up is used at all of our Training Camps through 2024.

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See What People Are Saying About Precision Choreography!

"This was a wonderful experience for both mom and child. Nicole was professional in every sense of the word and very creative. She was a good balance of everything needed to create a successful routine. Minor changes were graciously accepted. The final routine was fluid throughout and really captured the essence of the music & the child. I will definitely return for choreography services in the future and would recommend her in a heartbeat! I submitted an intake form by saying that I basically needed to pull a rabbit out of a hat because it was so late in the year! Nicole helped me do just that. And in the process, a "story" was unfolded. It was simply beautiful.  Thank you, Nicole, for your professionalism, creativity, and open-mindedness. You really saved the season!" -Shirley, mom

"I can't thank you all enough!!! Each routine is different and totally on spot.  You made the process easy and enjoyable." -Anonymous

"I loved Nicole's energy and enthusiasm and loved the process and how everything was broken down in segments." -Cecilia, Mom, MA

"The rollout process is essential and makes for a very successful routine and having the materials helps not just the athlete, but the coach!!" -Heather Cullen, Owner, and Head Coach, Tumble Techs, NJ

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