Artistry Training

“ARTISTRY TRAINING ©” was created and devloped by Precision Choreography LLC as an innovative procedure to help gymnasts discover thie inner artist and help implement the teachings into their exsisting floor and beam choreography. Gymnasts who participate in Artistry Training are given tools to to benefit their gymnastics for years to come.

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With unique movement exercises, gymnasts learn to unleash their inner artist. Precision has created Artistry Training in order to help athletes discover how to connect breath to movement, emote, and elevate their overall level of artistry. The benefits of these sessions are apparent in athletes such as Kyla Ross, who were able to make an Artistic Transformation in 2013!

Artistry Training is available in 60-minute sessions for individuals, small groups, and entire teams  OR
In combination with a 90-minute Touch-Up © session:
Start your session with 30 minutes of our one-of-a-kind Artistry Training followed by 60 minutes of a Touch-up ©. These sessions give gymnasts the tools to discover their inner artist via creative movement exercises. Athletes are then able to incorporate what they’ve learned into an extremely effective Touch-up © session, transforming their routines into works of art.