FX & BB Choreography

What makes a Precision Routine different? Our Process.


  • Your choreographer will research you PRIOR to your session in order to create a routine that showcases your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses. This research is possible via a custom questionnaire as well as videos and/or a brief interview.
  • Your choreographer will arrive at your session with the perfect balance of preparation and an ability to tailor movement to fit your comfort and ability level.
  • You will leave your session with highly effective notes and charts as well as our "2-week training plans" to ensure proper review of your routine after your choreographer leaves.
  • You will receive tutorial videos of your routine to share with your coach. You can re-live your session over and over again! No more lost details!
  • Free virtual Touch-Up mini-session (first-come, first-served.
  • Precision offers discounted video feedback via MY GYM JUDGE!
  • Touch-Up © sessions are available to have the opportunity to work with a Precision Professional on polishing or reworking any necessary choreography. Great for getting ready for big qualifying meets, adding skills, and changing levels (yes, level 6 routines can be built into level 7 routines!).
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When you get a Precision Routine, you also get Precision Perks:

  • Touch Ups © for $100 off regular price
  • Discount for combo sessions (Floor and Beam routines)
  • Free Virtual Mini-Touch Up Session(1 per Precision-Choreographed routine, first come-first served)
  • Additional Video Feedback for Reduced Rate of 25% off- any event!
  • Tutorial videos of your session
  • Detailed Notes and Charts
  • Precision's "2-week training plan"
  • Eligibility for nomination of “Award of Excellence” and “Routine of the Year”

Individual Choreography Sessions

  • Custom-created routines to showcase each athletes' unique strengths
  • Routines designed to MAXIMIZE SCORING POTENTIAL

Team Choreography

  • 2 styles ("sharp" and "elegant") per level
  • Streamlined choreo to allow for efficient training and mastery
  • Routines designed to MAXIMIZE SCORING POTENTIAL
  • Opportunities for Individual Embellishments


  • “We traveled quite a way for Touch-Ups on fx/bb and the transformation of the routines is amazing. Mia came out of this much more confident and knowing how to use her artistry…Mia usually has a hard time “getting” choreography and Nicole did amazing job on explaining things to her in a way she understood the what and the why’s." -Bev, Mom, Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy, OH
  • "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new routine. So different than a JO routine – both music and choreography- that I know it will fit the standards of a collegiate routine and I cannot wait to show my team back at school!" -Maggie Willis, NCAA Gymnast
  • "KT [Karissa Thoma] was very patient and nice. Going from compulsories to optionals L7 is a big change and KT made it less scary for my daughter. She didn’t get mad if she had to go over a move a few times before Lauren got it."
  • "The experience with KT and Precision was great. Better and easier than I anticipated. My daughter had fun while learning important routines to continue her goals as a past AA state champion." -Cherie, Mom, SoCal
  • "We are highly satisfied and truly impressed with the level of service from Langevin- a professional who clearly loves what she does and cares deeply about the routines being developed and the gymnasts she serves. Looking forward to many years of working together!" -Cathy, Mom, Alaska

Armenia's first Olympic gymnast, Houry Gebeshian performs her Precision-Choreographed routine along to her Precision-Arranged music on the 2016 Rio Olympic stage.