Precision’s long sought-after clinics from Nationally renowned Choreographers, Clinicians, and Olympians on topics from “Instilling Artistry” to “Demystifying Flight Series,” are available in the form of Half, Full, or Weekend-Long Workshops.

After a consultation to target your gym’s specific needs, you can choose to have your gymnasts and/or coaches partake in Precision Clinics, supplemented with Touch-Up sessions, Artistry Training, and Choreography! Both athletes and coaches will benefit from the priceless tools gained from Precision’s Clinics!

Choose from our internationally-renowned workshop topics (many seen at Regional, National, and International Congresses) or design your own:

Technical Topics (for Athletes &/or Coaches)

  • Polish & Prepare for Season (all events)
  • Pre-Season Prep (all events & levels)
  • Targeted Conditioning
  • Simplifying C,D,&E Dance Elements
  • Developing RO Entry BB Dismounts
  • Artistry FX
  • Artistry BB
  • Rhythm & Dynamics on BB
  • Ballet Barre Work
  • Injury Prevention
  • Level 3 Bars: Learn it…FAST!
  • Toe Point and Releve Work
  • In-house Judging via My Gym Judge
  • Avoiding Posture/Flex & Footwork Deduction on BB & FX
  • Compulsory Beam Acro
  • Compulsory Beam Dance
  • BB Acro Series
  • Isolated Beam Acro
  • Simplifying C,D,&E Dance Elements
  • Front/ Back Tumbling Levels 3-10
  • Front Tumbling Bonus Connections
  • Developing a ROCKIN' PreTeam!
  • Press Handstands
  • An  hour of Floor Bar Drills!
  • Developing Dynamic Leaps
  • Developing Tour Jetes and Beyond
  • Horizontal Leg Turns  Made Easy
  • and more!

Philosophical Topics (for Coaches)

  • Motivation Tactics for Coaches and Athletes (in AND out of season)
  • Tactical Meet Selection for Peaking
  • Assignment Creation in Peak Season
  • Parent Management
  • Creating your Team Philosophy
  • Establishing a Cohesive Coaching Staff
  • Q & A/Troubleshooting
  • …AND MORE!!

Athlete Clinics

Give your team a motivational and educational experience they will never forget. Our Precision Professionals will take your athletes through new drills, complexes, and exercises as only we can. Athletes of all levels benefit from the knowledge, dedication, and passion for bettering our sport and its participants.

Coach Clinics

You know that sense of motivation that your staff takes back to the gym after returning from Congress? Wouldn’t it be nice to give them that drive more often? Now you can, with Precision Clinics! All clinics include Q&A and free phone or email follow up.

*MULTI-DAY CLINICS also include Complimentary, Exclusive Precision Choreo Warm-Up and Flexibility Routines!