Natalie Briggs

Hi, I'm Natalie and I spent 11 years training in gymnastics and was actually coached by Precision's owner, Nicole Langevin! Training under Nicole  developed my love for performing where I am now a professional contortionist and aerialist.

My performance career has brought me all over the world. Working with AIDA Cruises, I toured Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Mauritius, Réunion, Madagascar, and Germany. I also studied contortion in Mongolia and even toured with a traditional circus in Switzerland for a year in 2017. One of my most unique performance experiences was with the horse show “Ma’Ceo” in Canada, LA, Florida, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

I am so excited to come full circle and work with Precision again after seeing it grow for the past 10 years! I am proud to work with a wonderful group of professionals that bring quality and artistry back into the sport of gymnastics and who strive to raise the bar in each athlete’s unique creative ability.