“This was a wonderful experience for both mom and child. Nicole was professional in every sense of the word and very creative. She was a good balance of everything needed to create a successful routine. Minor changes were graciously accepted. The final routine was fluid throughout and really captured the essence of the music & the child. I will definitely return for choreography services in the future and would recommend her in a heart beat! I submitted an intake form by saying that I basically needed to pull a rabbit out of a hat because it was so late in the year! Nicole helped me do just that. And in the process a “story” was unfolded. It was simply beautiful.  Thank you, Nicole, for your professionalism, creativity, and open-mindedness. You really saved the season!”-Shirley, mom

“I can’t thank you all enough!!! Each routine is different and totally on spot.  You made the process easy and enjoyable.” -Anonymous

“I loved Nicole’s energy and enthusiasm and loved the process and how everything was broken down in segments.” Cecilia, Mom, MA

“The roll- out process is essential and makes for a very successful routine and having the materials helps not just the athlete, but the coach!!” -Heather Cullen, Owner and Head Coach,Tumble Techs, NJ

“I think the choreo really fits the personality of my daughter. It was perfectly designed for her!” -Diana Gonzalez, mom

“Karissa is a sweet and talented professional. We truly enjoyed getting to know her and hope to work with her again in the future.” -Melissa, Mom, TX

“I liked watching the girls develop a character in their routines, and really put it to work. I have never seen routines taught that way, and really enjoyed how it created a story for the girls to tell. We also just received 3/4 routines via dropbox, and choreography only happened 3 days ago! I really appreciate how quickly we have received follow up materials. The tutorials are extremely helpful!” -Candy C., Mom

“Molly was wonderful with my daughter! She made her feel at ease and gave her encouragement and was patient and clear with the expectations for the session. She was also very professional and informative.” -Robin, Mom

“You clearly have a process and method and it works. Having just advanced to level 6, I had no previous experience with choreography and was doubtful a routine could be choreographed for my daughter, who you have never met or seen and has absolutely no previous dance experience. But you could!  One very positive aspect is that you allowed Lauren to use music she loves!  Her coach did not feel it “fit” her.  But what she didn’t take into account is that it means Lauren really likes to perform it and I think that gives her extra energy doing it.  She has had the same coach for a number of years, who now knows Lauren well. I actually now wonder if there is not also some strength to you not having any preconceived ideas of Lauren and what choreography she “should” have.” -Karen, Mom, Hershey, PA

“I would HIGHLY recommend Precision Choreography. We drove over 12 hours to work with Nicole and worth every minute of the drive. She really was in tune with Mia’s strengths and how to use them to her advantage in her routines. An amazing transformation! In explaining my wonderful experience other parents have shown interest in coming with us next season to work with Nicole….Nicole was in tune with my daughter and her skills as far as her dance and very prepared with what was good for her and showcasing her strengths.”  -Beverly, Mom, OH

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