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Brought to you by Olympic Choreographers, Professional Dancers, World Champions, & Top Rated Judges!

Just Flip! 2.0 (18+ Xcel Rules, WAG Events)

Virtual Event - Zoom

Date: June 5, 2022


This meet will use Xcel rules and WAG events.
Open to Women and Men!

This Virtual Competition will occur LIVE!

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Virtual Meet Includes:

  • Professional & Efficient Judging
  • Option to receive judges' feedback for EVERY ROUTINE that you perform!
  • Welcome speech from Chellsie & Nicole
  • Virtual Awards Ceremony
  • My Gym Judge Awards mailed after the competition!
  • Support leading up to the event: Join the FB group: "Adult Gymnasts and My Gym Judge Creating Amazingness"

This event is not sanctioned. Therefore, equipment specifications are "loose." If you would like to use any equipment/matting etc that is outside of Rules & Policies, you must submit in writing by 5/25/22. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will either be accepted, denied, or accepted with a 0.50 penalty. Once a modification is made, all competitors will be welcome to modify it as well.


In addition, while scores are provided and awards given, scores will not be eligible for qualification purposes.

FAQ's (coming soon!)

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Registration Information

  • Registration Deadline: 5/25/2022
  • The first 48 registrants will be guaranteed a spot in the meet.
  • There will be a waitlist.
  • Meet Capacity is expected to fill quickly!

Registration Fees

  • $99 Individual Entry Fee (max 4 events)
  • $49/Feedback (feedback provided live after the awards ceremony for all events competed)
  • $39/Team* Entry Fee (athletes do NOT need to train at the same club. Min. # athletes per team: 3/Top 3 scores count per event for team score, includes all levels)

*Team Fee will be paid by 1 member of the team only.

QUESTIONS? Call or Text: 774-258-1582 or email:

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We have limited log-ins available for viewing to ensure proper bandwidth for the event. For that reason, there is a LIMIT OF 1 audience member LOG-IN PER ATHLETE. You can of course have as many people as you'd like watching from 1 log-in. For security reasons, your coach will supply you with the log-in info.

VERY IMPORTANT: Audience, when you log in, you must RENAME yourself with the squad of your athlete . Ex: "SQUAD B" This way, we can assign you to the proper viewing room. Rotation sheet with squads will be posted here soon.

The Awards ceremony for ALL COMPETITORS will be held after the final session. We will not be able to have spectators for the awards ceremony.

Let the World Know How Awesome You Are!

Post a photo of you rocking your best or most creative "hold" (ie- handstand, arabesque, tripod, V-sit...the sky's the limit!) with the hashtag: #JustFlip2022 and tag @mygymjudge

Warm-up Procedures

Warm-Up Procedures: Please have 1st event fully warmed up prior to competing. Once the meet starts, we simply ask that each athlete be prepared to compete when it is their turn. Off-screen warm-ups are not monitored.

Athletes may warm up "off-screen" for their next event as much as needed. Once a rotation starts, just be ready to go!

Video Set-Up: You will need to have 1 device per squad per location. Be sure to keep your device with your squad from event to event.

Please check that your wifi is strong, especially if you have more than 1 squad. In the case that there is a video glitch, causing an element or routine missed by the judge the athlete may repeat the missed part or you can submit a video review. As a backup, please have 1 phone/iPad available for FaceTime in the case that there is a prolonged issue with video clarity.