North Carolina

Event details and registration information

SGA Gymnastics

Dates: July 7-10, 2022

Register by 5/7/22 for a free camp leotard. All others can be purchased on site. site.

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Host: SGA Gymnastics

Camp Add-Ons

Gymnasts can take advantage of working with our World-Class Clinicians either individually or in a small group setting. Please remember, we have a limited amount of Premium Add-On sessions that can be found on our EVENT CALENDAR. What is a PREMIUM session? It is $50 less than the regular cost, scheduled conveniently outside of camp hours (requiring only an early drop-off and/or late pick up to regular camp), and the session is GUARANTEED. Once all PREMIUM sessions are booked, we will do our best to schedule all waitlist athletes.

Sessions offered are:

  • FX Choreography
  • BB Choreography
  • Floor Choreography Touch-Up Sessions
  • Private Lessons
  • Semi-Private Lessons

Simply go to our EVENT CALENDAR, search for the month of your camp, and see the available sessions offered at the PREMIUM rate. If you see a session you would like that does not have any available session openings, you can join the waitlist by registering for the event with the same name that ends in "WAITLIST."

Camp Store!

We will have the Precision Store set up on-location for athletes to purchase various, gymnastics-related items.

We can't wait to show you our NEW swag!

Our camp store will be open 20 minutes before each day's start time,30 minutes after each camp day, and during breaks/lunch.

Camp store items are available for purchase using cash, check made payable to "Precision Choreography," VENMO: @precisionchoreo, or PAYPAL: