Karissa Thoma

All level Choreography, Touch-Ups, Clinics, and Artistry Training

Hey everyone! My name is Karissa Thoma and I bring a lifetime of artistic experience to Precision Choreography. I’ve been working as a professional dancer since the ripe old age of 5 when I was hired to do ballet in a National commercial. When I was 10, I was hired to be a soloist in “The Glory of Christmas.” Shortly after that I became the Regional Floor Champion in gymnastics. In 2013, I worked in South Korea where I was hired by Aerial Experience Productions to be a dancer and aerialist for a major show for Samsung at the World Fair/ Expo.

Coaching and Choreographing was a natural progression for me since I grew up in a gymnastics academy that my parents owned. I have been coaching and choreographing national gymnasts for the past 6 years. Before joining Precision, I choreographed the J.O. National Championships Winning Routine on floor!

I have a real passion for making sure that each individual understands the choreography but, more than that, gains more knowledge in finding new ways to move their bodies as they become more in tune with themselves! I am a firm believer in individuality and every single persons ability to dance in their own unique way. I love to help bring gymnasts’ full potential to the surface! I hope to spread that passion and ignite a fire within every individual to express themselves fully through movement! With this goal, I am honored to be a part of the Precision Choreography family!