Sophia Romeri Choreographer and Clinician


Choreographer and Clinician

Hello, my name is Sophia. Gymnastics has been a major part of my life ever since I took the “Mommy and Me” classes, when I was three, to being on a nationally competitive team for 10 years, and to now—coaching high-school gymnastics and choreographing routines. A huge highlight was becoming the National Floor Champion in 2007. I went to college thinking that I had retired from movement, but I found it impossible to say goodbye entirely. My strong foundation of gymnastics made my transition into dance very smooth. My dance accolades include dancing with the Kat Nasti Dance Company for almost two years and performing at the Boston Center of the Arts, Tufts University, Boston University, UMass-Amherst, The Dance Complex, American Dance Festival, Green Street Studios, and the Association of American Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) in NYC.

What I bring to gymnastics from my dance experience is this: to be truly great on the beam and floor, you have to give a little something extra—personality. Gymnastics can be so skill-based that the difference between a gymnast that loses and wins is how that gymnast wins over the judge through the presentation of her character. In my final years of gymnastics, I finally learned to get over my own self-consciousness so that I could present my best self to the judges.

I want to pass on this confidence to gymnasts through effective and efficient exercises that quickly enhance a routine. I strive to help gymnasts realize what they have and to be proud to show themselves to the world. By providing gymnasts with the right tools and techniques, gymnasts can learn to express themselves and give that little extra something they need to really “wow” the judges and win the meet! I love being a part of Precision Choreography’s mission to bring back true artistry to artistic gymnastics.