With Precision Music, we are now a complete one stop shop for your routine needs! You even have the option of MUSIC EXCLUSIVITY; by choosing this option, we guarantee that NOBODY ELSE will have your music for an entire season!
Many of our tracks have been purchased so we’re in the studio creating more. The tracks that are below are for purchase at TWO different levels and price breaks.**
  • Non-Exclusive Piece
  • Seasonal Exclusivity
  • Custom Arrangement: Request up to 4 songs to be arranged. We will add embellishments for a beautifully cohesive piece and master levels to ensure the quality of your music is the very best. Includes 1 season of Exclusivity.
  • Custom Composition: Written from scratch, especially for you! Includes 1 season of Exclusivity.

Time in Life

Although Time in Life might appear to be a swing feel song it quickly changes to a journey around the World with Eastern, Urban, and South American textures.(Arranged by Darek Leiner)

Would You Stay?

If you like piano melodies this may be for you. (Written/Arranged by Darek Leiner)

Abducted Alien

Abducted Alien takes the artist and observer through the journey from backwoods to spacecraft. Is it Alien perspective or Human? You decide. (Written/Arranged by Darek Leiner)

Hoe-Down Jam

A dance number that gets it’s origin a little south of the Mason-Dixon. (Written/Arranged by Darek Leiner)

Electro Noir Mode (not available for exclusivity)

Electro Noir Mode… An EBM road that starts spooky and takes you across an Electronic landscape with powerful nuances. (Written/Arranged by Darek Leiner)

The Beautiful Hallow

An orchestral piece with jungle vibe from an edgy bravado percussion driven song.(Written/Arranged by Darek Leiner)

Ethnic House Jam

The Ethnic House Jam pushes forward with driving house and break beat rhythms while Middle Eastern stylings peppered throughout give an exotic feel. (written/arranged by Darek Leiner)

Fire In The Shire

Fire in the Shire is a mash up of Funk rhythms and Celtic essence that make your not-so-typical folk song experience. (written/arranged by Darek Leiner)

Tribal Technodance

Tribal Technodance is an eclectic view of Tribal percussion and house dance music (Written/Arranged by Darek Leiner)

Latin Sway

Latin Sway is a Samba driven piece with interlaced piano and nylon string guitar melodies. (Written/Arranged by Darek Leiner)

Sifted Gold

Sifted Gold is an Orchestral build broken into two sections that creates great musical tension (Written/Arranged by Darek Leiner)

New Hope

A Smooth trip hop dance track with panning waves of synth pattern all layered with subtleties and downtempo mid-section.(Written/Arranged by Darek Leiner)

With Swagger

A staggered dance track with wisps of ethereal sounds and horn hits. A Latin guitar mid section to allow for some great choreography. (Written/Arranged by Darek Leiner)

Twisted Aces

A blend of Lighter and Darker music stylings twisted into form so the athlete can unleash a dynamic performance (Written/Arranged by Darek Leiner)

Macked Sun

Macked Sun is a Hip Hop exploration of Authentic Turkish melodies and rhythms. The tempo shifts and building intensity brings multiple opportunities for a choreographer and athlete to show their stuff.(Written/Arranged by Darek Leiner)

Live to Give

Live to Give is an ensemble of Orchestral, Afro-Cuban, and Trip-Hop with a middle string section and lattice work through out the piece. (Written/Arranged by Darek Leiner)

Broken Hearted

An Electronic mash up of styles ranging from Downtempo, Dub-Step, and Hip-Hop with a sultry latin feel laced with horns and percussion. (Co-written by Jeff Line; Arranged by Darek Leiner)

Getting Up (not available for exclusivity)

Getting up is a High Energy Dark Wave/Synth Pop experience with padded expressive breakdown. (Co-written by Jeff Line; Arranged by Darek Leiner)