Molly Shawen Choreographer and Training Camps


Choreographer and Training Camps

Hi, I’m Molly. I have always considered myself a dancer who could do gymnastics as well 😉 My Mother was a professional dancer and ballet instructor at my gym. I was trained at a very young age in the disciplines of classical ballet, jazz and modern. I started gymnastics when I was three and qualified into the elite level at age 11. I made my first National Team at 13 and spent three years as both a junior and senior member, winning my first International Invitational at the 1990 Puerto Rican Cup. That year, I also finished 2nd AA at the US Olympic Festival.

In 1991, I was selected by the FIG to learn and present the new compulsory floor and beam routines for the 1993-1996 cycle. I got to spend two days working directly with Olga Korbut and Ludmilla Tourischeva as they finished the choreography of these new routines that would be competed by the World’s best for the next four years. I felt like we really got to understand exactly the “vision” they had for what this gorgeous compulsory floor routine should look like.

Note from Nicole: Molly is modest. Jackie Fie, who was President of the FIG at the time, chose her out of every amazingly talented female athlete in the country to be the first to learn and showcase these routines. This says a tremendous amount about her dance ability. There were probably a lot of girls being told to make their routine look like her routine as her artistic quality was the standard for the whole world at one time.

I retired from gymnastics in 1993. I spent time traveling, attended college, met my husband, got married, moved to Nashville and became a hair stylist and make-up artist. I knew I needed to be in an industry where creativity and innovation are at the epicenter of the trade. Nashville provided a great landscape for developing that craft but I never could quite forget where I came from. The itch to be involved in the sport I love and am passionate about returned. I currently am a coach at a club in my native Northern Kentucky. I love working with athletes. It’s my goal to help them realize and then actualize who they can be through the challenges of this sport.

I met Nicole when she was writing her article for IG magazine a few years ago. I knew we shared the same “vision”. I believe that she has assembled an incredible team of professionals who are committed to helping athletes develop their OWN artistic vision. I think Precision is a true innovation that provides services to athletes, coaches and gym owners who want to elevate themselves to the next level. I am very excited to work with such incredible talent and to help young athletes discover more of their own!