Nicole and Precision in the news

Precision Choreography and Nicole Langevin have been interviewed and credited with several accomplishments. Here are just a few accolades…

Click on “May/June 2015” Issue with Laurie Hernandez on the front to read Langevin’s article “Babying vs. Pacing”


Alicia Sacramone Interview:

Betty Okino’s Episode:


Gymnastics News Network Feature Interview (print and video)

Choreographer and coach Nicole Langevin is the founder, owner & director of choreography and clinics at Precision choreography. Langevin has been able to blend her past experience as a competitive gymnast and coach with live and on-screen choreography in Hollywood to create some truly compelling artistic gymnastics routines. Langevin’s Take On Artistry in Elite Gymn

Gymnastike Interview (video)

Nicole Langevin, founder of Precision Choreography has hired Alicia Sacramone and Courtney McCool as choreographers. We caught up with Nicole during her visit to Texas as one of the educators for the 2011 GAT Convention. Langevin. Congress Presenter Interview

Nicole Langevin, Founder of Precision Choreography says “The goal was to bring the artistry back to artistic gymnastics” – Langevin Bringing Artistry Back

The Couch Gymnast (Print)

“Artistry is being able to share some sort of message – whether it’s delight, mystery, creepiness, fun, there has to be some sort of identifying factor to motivate movement” – Kyla Ross Artistry Training

The Couch Gymnasta (Print)

“It is great to see all these ex-gymnasts working together, creating a niche for themselves for their careers after gymnastics. People will go to precision for the names that are associated with it, and if we are luck enough, floor chorey is going to get even better!” – Alicia Sacramone & Nicole Langevin together at Precision Choreography

Gymnastics Psychology Book (Print)

Nicole Langevin, Forward Contributor