FX & BB Choreography

Betty pose

Olympian and Gymnastics Legend, Betty Okino finishes a floor choreography session with young athlete.
  1. Your choreographer will research you PRIOR to your session in order to create a routine that showcases your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses. This research is possible via a custom questionnaire as well as videos and/or a brief interview.
  2. Your choreographer will arrive to your session with the perfect balance of preparation and an ability to tailor movement to fit your comfort and ability level.
  3. You will leave your session with highly effective notes and charts to ensure proper review of your routine after your choreographer leaves.
  4. You will receive a professionally-edited video tutorial of your routine to share with your coach. You can re-live your session over and over again! No more lost details!
  5. Precision offers free video feedback (1 per Precision-Choreographed routine). Get tips on picking up extra tenths from a real judge! Understand all of your deductions from form to composition. You will also receive notes from a choreographer on how to increase your level of artistry.
  6. Touch-Up © sessions are available to have the opportunity to work with a Precision Professional on polishing or reworking any necessary choreography. Great for getting ready for big qualifying meets, adding skills, and changing levels (yes, level 6 routines can be built into level 7 routines!).

When you get a Precision Routine, you also get Precision Perks:
Hourly FX
Armenia's first Olympic gymnast, Houry Gebeshian performs her Precision-Choreographed routine along to her Precision-Arranged music on the Rio stage.

“We are all so pleased with our routines from Precision Choreography. We appreciate the hard work and commitment that the choreographers gave each of our athletes. The routines themselves are creative, and unique and even without “knowing” the athletes, the choreographers were able to make each routine work for each athlete. As a coach, when I feel that I cannot personally do the best job for my athletes, I go straight to who can, and that’s why we brought Precision Choreography to Rising Star! They definitely are the best, which is what my athletes deserve. We deeply and sincerely appreciate the quality routines from Precision Choreography and look forward to our competition season to show them off!”
-Erin Booher, head coach level 7-10 “2009 J.O. Rookie Coach of the Year” and coach of 2009 Regional Floor Champion and J.O.
National VT Champion, Jackie Bruce
Rising Star Gymnastics
Bloomington, IN
“Since we met Nicole in 2010, we have been extremely happy with every aspect of her company and the amazing talent and passion she has in creating routines for our optional gymnast on beam and floor. The price is right, and it worth every penny when your athletes are the floor stoppers, when their music starts and everyone watches. You know your kids have the best when everyone wants to know who does your routines. Then the scores flash and they are truly high 9.00’s. We have excelled as a team when it comes to level of showmanship because we have invested in the best, when it comes to choreography. Nicole takes time to understand the athlete, their strengths, and help them to have routines that allow them to be their best and it shows. We can highly recommend her company with no hesitation. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.”
Mimi Phene-McKellar - Central Coast Gymnastics
Sports Center, Inc.
21 Zaca Lane, Suite 100
San Luis Obispo, Cal. 93401